Cheetoz Chips؛

Childhood taste

Can you withstand and control yourself at the sight of potato chips? Don’t worry, many people can't same as we do! This treat is your pal at parties and will not let you have bad time or starve at all


Denial of time

What features should a good potato chips have in your opinion? We believe a perfect chips must be fresh and crispy, so we exaggerated this features and made kettle chips. Also this treat have even less fat compared to other potato chips


Light and dreamy

There are some people who prefer not eating potato chips due to the method which require to make it, but they love the taste of it and can't control themselves. We have great news for them, we made potato chip without frying them? You ask how? Just try Cheetoz crispt chips and feel like a feather! why? becuase its fat free!

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Like a Superhero

Cheetoz Super Chips is for times when you or your guests are extra hungry and have a appetite for something tasty. Every time you open a Cheetoz Super Chips is a challenge! Either you can beat cheetoz and eat a whole pack or you will save some for later!