Cookie and Sweets


Experience of Sense of Liberation

Chocolate and Raisin Cookies

Round, chocolate cookie is the only friend who reach to help us and end our sadness whenever we feel terribly alone and look for a way to make ourselves happy. The only important thing for this delicious and healthy food is that we feel fine. Besides chocolate cookie, raisin cookie is the flavor which can take us to our childhood, to those days when being happy was our only concern. When you take a bite out of raisin cookie you will have a moment of feeling happy and being liberated. Now it is the time to leave out all businesses of your long day and offer yourself an attractive, delicious cookie.

Make Your Day Extraordinary

Strawberry & Chocolate and Strawberry & Apple Sandwich Cookies

Strawberry tastes like hugging the flavor of happiness. Now imagine to start your day beside Chee Puff with the strawberry flavor and its attractive combination with chocolate. It is as if all things go together to let you have an extraordinary day. You just need to feel a bit hungry to take out strawberry and chocolate Chee Puff of your bag to become recharged to move and regenerate. The good news is that strawberry and apple combination is one of those lovely choices giving you the chance to taste the sweet extract of life. It is you who can make your day through your own choices.

Dream of Making New Ideas

Date and Pineapple Sandwich Cookies

Date sandwich cookie is the choice helps you to create big ideas in a busy afternoon, when sitting at your office desk, bored of repetition. It is like a new bunch of energy start running into you when you taste date sandwich cookie. Imagine to add a freshly brewed tea to this evening meal. On the other hand, pineapple sandwich cookie may take you away from your business atmosphere to a cozy and quiet beach and get rid of tiredness for a couple of minutes. This is exactly the time when you resume working with a great feeling.