The Experience of a Crispy Bite

The mornings started with a school camp used to be as one of the most exciting days of the week, whether a Thursday or a Monday! Cheetoz’s Chee Pellet with vinegar flavor is one of the irreplaceable foods of school camp must-buy list! And we recommend to take more than one to add to your purveyance. Why? Because it makes others eager to test it thanking to its delicious smell and crispy sound! You just need to have Chee Pellet with you to let the minibus arrive the camp.

Believe in a Special Taste

Nobody asks any unnecessary questions to avoid the teacher keep us after the break! The enthusiasm to leave the classrooms, sounds of laughter in the upstairs winding corridors to reach a sweetheart food… Chee Pellet has a memorable taste deeply reminding the perfume of these memories and rings for a great break for you. Let us not forget about taking short breaks and lovely small joys of our lives…

Tasting Health

Focus on our target like rally drivers and accelerate the pace of progress without wasting even a single second and rush for the best using all the strength you have…Like nitro gas for the car, Cheetoz Pops act as a catalyst for those who are out of energy. Pops serves you in this winding path and takes the control of the map… Cheetoz Pops is a rich source of fibers and no frying process has been applied for its production; therefore, it is a wise choice for those who really care about their health.