Nowdays, Cheetoz products, specially snacks, are inseprable parts of parties. We are proud that this moments stick to your mind with our unique flavors. In this page you will remeniscne your good memories, go on!

Do you love classic taste?

Cheetoz Motors

is your choice! Open one up and ride to the nostalgic land with us!
Innovation is coming so brace yourself! We discovered a formula to make our snacks even more special,

Cheetoz Brunchies

are for ones who love softness.
Also brunchies won't meltdown in your mouth.
Release your creativity by looking at

Cheetoz Crunchies

Crunchies are so diverse on the concept of shapes and sizes.
Also crunchies are much more bulky, harder and obviously crunchier than regular snacks.
Don't like mainstream? Don’t worry we gotcha!

Cheetoz Loops

is for variety seekers! If you are one those persons, this product is for you!
Who don’t like extra cheese?

Cheetoz Talaei

is the supreme product of snacks golden age! Cheese and gild up your day with Cheetoz Talaei!

Cheetoz Fesgheli

is made for little ones! Snacks are smaller than regular snacks and it can be digested more easily so little ones would love this healthy treat. Lighten up their days
Crispy snacks for your amusement!

Cheetoz Pipe Snacks

are volumed up so you can enjoy the sound of crispiness in your mouth and under you teeth.
Roll into the cheese world with

Cheetoz wheels

snack! This ride is for cheese fanatics so if you can't tolerate extra cheese don’t pick this ride!
Be a baller with

Cheetoz Toopi Snack

! You can stimulate sense of sportsmanship with a treat! Challenge your friends to a mini game between the two halves of a match with Cheetiz Toopi Snacks!

Cheetoz Ketchup Sticks

is for flavor lovers! Sometimes we want more than just a regular taste, and we want something extra. This snack is for that special times and by the way who even doesn’t like ketchup?!