Dina; Family's father

The story of our starting dates back to 1959. After swelling and growing, we established Dina Food Industry in 1989. Then we became a pioneer in the field of chips, potatoes, and snacks. Just like all trustworthy companies, we choose a slogan for ourselves. "Taste of good moments." We have been with you in your good moments. And what better way to describe our interest in you? We used people's interest in food, snacks, and drinks, and we'd love to keep you entertained with updated food flavors. Today, Dina Foods Group owns about ten companies, And Dina 60-year experience has given to a big family to see much better results.



Cheetoz; a partner for happy moments

Dina Food Industries Co. is an active and leading organization in the production and delivery of food products. Dina always considers customer satisfaction. Dina has this vision to become "one of the top five food companies in the Middle East." New technologies and quality management methods have been utilized to fulfill this goal. National and international requirements, regulations, and standards are adhered to by Dina, and always meet the needs of our customers to grow the level of health of food products and community health.

Our Mission

We have extensive missions at Dina Food Industries. But one of the most critical parts of our mission is to look for potential opportunities based on people's needs. We want everyone around the world to recognize our new products and services at the highest quality and as a valuable product. We strive to make people live healthier, more active lives.

Our Vision

Our core values at Dina Food Industries are as follows.

Customer Orientation
Dynamic job creation
Spread the spirit of leadership
Developing business partnerships
Promote the social status of the organization
Continuous innovation and improvement
Flexibility in doing activities
Developing and collaborating with colleagues and doing teamwork
Responsibility and accountability for performance
Enhance reality-based synergy or process approach (in-group-business partners)


Selected as the top production company

Selected as the top manufacturing company of the food industry in 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015.

Obtaining national and international standards

Obtain annual accredited standards from the Association of Iranian Standard Badge Holders and ISO14001: 2015 International Standard

Respect for consumer rights

Obtain a Certificate of Consumer Rights in 2012 and 2013